Now, there is nothing easy about life in real estate. It is a highly competitive industry, so he took me some time to get my mind around this idea. I was used every summer to the winter feast and famine, it was a new concept to me.Now for the drop card. Keep in mind that the card or the CD's can be used for these first couple of strategies. When yo… Read More

3rd Get your mind to it! In addition to real estate, we had something called a paradigm. You mind will automatically be limited to the success or the amount of money you can achieve ... until you reach that amount. From that moment on, your mind tells you that it is not only available, it is expected! The same principle is applied in order to save … Read More

Random talk goes on for another hour and half in the backyard until they all start wondering why production has not told them anything about what is going to happen. They start planning a fun time for this evening. They want to have a bonfire and have everyone play cards together. They talk about 9/11 and their personal experiences. Jordan mentions… Read More